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BitEsprit all-in-one cryptocurrency trading

BitEsprit all-in-one cryptocurrency trading
BitEsprit is an all-in-one cryptocurrency trading solution with built-in copy trading functionality, facilitating both Bitcoin and altcoin trading against fiat currencies.


Our mission is to eliminate the barriers of entry into the altcoin trading ecosystem for both traders and promising new projects looking to get traction. Our exchange will help traders who have been struggling with the lack of direct access to altcoins, the lack of trading expertise, unusable user interfaces, and insecure exchanges, among others. Moreover, altcoin developers have also experienced major problems caused by the exorbitant fees exchanges charge for new ICO tokens to be listed in their selections.
Therefore, it is also our aim to provide these projects equal opportunities in gaining access to liquidity to help them grow without their being subjected to such financial barriers as unreasonably high listing fees. These factors have been affecting all cryptocurrency traders to a certain extent, making it pressing for there to be an integrated trading interface that includes all the services required for successful cryptocurrency trading for all skill levels.


Coin: BEC
Platform: ERC 20
CrowdSale Price: 1 BEC = USD 0.425
Minimum investment: USD 50
Soft Cap: USD 7,500,000
Hard Cap: USD 21,878,205
Presale Starts: 01 June 2018
Presale Discounted Price: Tier 1: USD 0.15; Tier 2: USD 0.25; Tier 3: USD 0.325
Accepting: ETH, BTC
Minimum investment: USD 50
Crowdsale Starts: 01 July 2018
Crowdsale Price: USD 0.425
Minimum Investment: USD 50
Country: United Kingdom
Whitelist/KYC: KYC
Restricted areas: USA
Commercial rollout: Q4, 2018 est.
Operational profitability: Q2, 2019 est.

Advantage BitEsprit

Copy trade

Our copy trade platform, intrinsic to our internal markets, provides a means for traders without substantial trading expertise to copy and learn from more adept traders, providing value to both beginners and experts.
BitEsprit all-in-one cryptocurrency trading

Fiat integration

BitEsprit will accept fiat deposits and withdrawals, as well as feature fiat-altcoin trading pairs to meet an increasing demand for altcoin trading against fiat currencies.

BitEsprit all-in-one cryptocurrency trading

BitEsprit debit card

BitEsprit all-in-one cryptocurrency trading

Imagine making some fiat profits trading altcoins and paying for groceries using the profits you made by putting it on your BitEsprit debit card with one single click. You won’t need to withdraw your profits to your bank account anymore. We make it all happen in one single place.

No-Fee Token Listing

BitEsprit all-in-one cryptocurrency trading

Listing your token after a successful ICO will not be a problem anymore, due to our ICO token listing program in which we list promising and trusted crypto projects with qualified teams free of charge.

Online wallet

Our online multi-cryptocurrency wallet, which is entirely separate from the exchange, will be the best place to store your crypto assets. You will be the sole owner of your private keys, while being one click away from placing funds on the BitEsprit exchange to start trading.

BitEsprit all-in-one cryptocurrency trading

BitEsprit WhitePaper


Although the team behind BitEsprit is based in Hungary, BitEsprit as a legal entity is registered in the United Kingdom (BITESPRIT LTD, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX) due to the fact that the UK business legislature is smoother and more adequate for our project. Being a Hungarian team, we are also registering an affiliate company in Hungary to legally employ current and subsequent team members.
As transparency is one of the main emphases of our operation, we regard it crucial to communicate the current state of our business to our investors regularly. Therefore, besides the contin uous communication with our community, we are going to publish detailed quarterly reports on the progress the company makes in realizing our plans. This applies to the state of our company prior to, as well as subsequent to, the official launch of the BitEsprit exchange.

BitEsprit Team

Barnabas Baranyi has years of experience in corporate communication, marketing, and international sales. He has gathered substantial experience in various industries related to technological innovation, such as telecommunications, or digital media. He has been an active cryptocurrency trader for two years which provides him with deep understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Zsolt Volner has a decade of experience in web developing, in which he spent years building big data databases, server management, and relational database management. He is the owner of a billing company that has worked with such Hungarian clients as the Hungarian Olympic Committee. He has been trading Forex for three years, during which he has also worked on trading algorithms in MQL4.

Patrik Burda has years of work experience as user interface designer, mobile developer, and web designer. His career involves software development in numerous languages for numerous purposes. Currently he is also involved in native mobile application development at a major financial software services company.

Richard Bohm is an experienced software developer in C# and Python languages, whose career as an embedded software engineer arches through various industries. He is currently involved in developing software control systems for servomotors at a leading automotive engineering corporation.

Tamas Scherer has been overseeing and coordinating numerous technological and engineering projects throughout his career, through which he has acquired technological know-how, people management skills, and skills related to international corporate communication.

An innovative software engineer fresh out of university who has worked on various projects during his university years as a freelancer in which he has acquired experience with C#, Python, and JavaScript development. He is also interested in videogame development using game engines.

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