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Curaizon — improving healthcare, reducing costs & saving lives

Curaizon - improving healthcare, reducing costs & saving lives

We are revolutionizing healthcare and improving drug-adherence through big data analytics delivered via the blockchain.


Curaizon™ is the only company that offers a complete healthcare ecosystem that supports patients by reducing drug non-adherence. The ecosystem include CuraServe™, CuraData™ and CuraView™ and helps to lower healthcare costs and advance medical research.
Our system merges the data we collect through our real-time compliance technologies with the patient’s own data. This data is stored off-chain onto an AES 256 encrypted cloud in an appropriate geographic domain with the blockchain storing pointers and rules on access and usage all of which becomes part of the CuraData™. It can be accessed regardless of the health service or EMR used.
Through our advanced data and machine learning analytics, Curaizon™ will deliver technologies that will help speed up drug trials and development; provide information that will dramatically improve patient outcomes while reducing the avoidable waste that occurs as a result of low adherence to medications.

Curaizon - improving healthcare, reducing costs & saving lives

Advantage Curaizon

1) Faster time to treatment – With today’s huge patient caseloads, treating patients sooner saves both lives and healthcare costs. For healthcare providers, delivering a fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment requires them to make informed decisions quickly. Curaizon’s™ big data analytics tools expedite the process by factoring in unique circumstances, such as adherence, lifestyle choices and demographics, along with the patient’s symptoms to help providers make more accurate diagnoses and to formulate the best treatment regimen in real-time.

2) Reduced hospitalizations and readmissions – One of the best ways to curb healthcare costs is to keep patients from entering the hospital system in the first place. Curaizon’s™ data analytics tools send automatic alerts to healthcare providers when patients are about to fall into a pre-frailty state (the state under which a patient is likely to require additional intervention; usually hospitalization). These alerts can literally reduce hospitalizations through immediate preventative care. Additionally, when CuraServe’s™ technology is used by patients at home and on the go, it delivers constant streams of data that can be monitored and analyzed in real-time to help them avoid hospitalization by self-managing their conditions. For hospitalized patients, physicians can use our predictive analytics to optimize outcomes and reduce readmissions.

3) Improve doctor performance – The ability to capture and analyse a patient’s adherence data, where a correlation exists between quality of care and adherence levels, means we are able to highlight poor performance, but also identify best-practices across patient groups. This data is having a major impact in optimizing patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.

4) Risk stratification – Our data analytics tools helps track and identify the sickest and most at risk and often the costliest patients in a proactive way. In addition, this predictive tool analyzes other patient risk factors, such as drug efficacy and poor blood sugar control, in addition to drug adherence. When these potentially costly patients are flagged and categorized or “stratified” as to risk, doctors can target higher-risk patients and intervene early on to prevent more drastic and costly hospitalizations and treatments down the road.

5) Improved medication therapy management (MTM) – Adverse drug events plague today’s healthcare system to the tune of thousands of patient deaths and hundreds of billions of dollars in expense. Much of the problem stem from doctors being largely unable to evaluate or implement optimal drug therapies as they simply do not have the necessary data to make the necessary clinical decision. Clinical pharmacists, whose role it is to monitor and manage drug therapies, are also burdened as more and more patients are taking multiple medications. Fortunately, Curaizon’s™ big data analytics help clinicians and clinical pharmacists better co-manage drug therapies by identifying drug interactions, adverse side effects and additive toxicities, all in real-time. While playing a vital role in reducing patient deaths, better MTM reduces healthcare costs through fewer doctor and emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and readmissions.

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Softcap : 1,000,000 USD
Hardcap : 25,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale : 250,000,000
Coin Price : 0.2 USD
Starting : 06/25/2018
Ending : 09/08/2018

Curaizon Contact Information:

Curaizon™ is headquartered in London. Our offices are located near the UK’s National Health Service (“NHS”), our single largest customer. We work with various departments within the NHS and will complete our clinical trials through one of their primary care centers. The UK’s NHS is leading the way in technological development within healthcare.

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