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Ideal Data Memory — Ultra-secure digital data storage service

Ideal Data Memory - Ultra-secure digital data storage service
Ultra-secure digital data storage service
A technological breakthrough in security and safety of stored and transmitted information


IDM has its own patented data protection technology called SIZE and is preparing to launch a new service — a global decentralized ecosystem that connects users who want to store information safely and miners who provide memory on their devices to generate income.
Our development team has created a working prototype of a cloud storage service called BoobookBox. The service was launched in 2015 and has more than 2 thousand active users. The working prototype was launched to test the technology, both by developers and third-party organizations.
IDM can successfully compete with all cloud data storage services, as it offers following exclusive features:
— The most safe and secure data storage system and data transmission
— Affordable price
— The only player on the market offering this level of data protection
— Savvy marketing strategy
— Legal guarantee on data security
IDM focuses on strict ly defined segments of the consumer and business market, and takes advantage of a competitive market opportunity, namely the demand for secure data storage.

Ideal Data Memory - Ultra-secure digital data storage service

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Ideal Data Memory - Ultra-secure digital data storage service

IDM service provides a decentralised distributed cloud data storage system where security against both loss and theft of data provided by unique algorithm SIZE.
To procure the distributed data storage, the service will rent a free memory from miners for a reward. The miners all over the world would be able to lease memory on their devices, including devices morally and technically obsolete (old smartphones, dated hard disks) and receive a continuous remuneration.
Our patented algorithm SIZE supports an excellent protection of a file from loss (corruption) and can guarantee a file recovery from only 2% of the remaining data.
Administration of the service will be managed by blockchain technology.

IDM WhitePaper


Name of the token (ticker) — IDM
Full name — Ideal Digital Memory
Token price  — Price 0.01 ETH
Based on Ethereum (ERC-20) — burnable
Divider (the number of digits after a comma) — 18
Total number of emitted tokens — Mintable, at purchase
Minimum investment — 0.1 ETH
Emission — One-time only
Date ICO — Launch on June 4
Accepted currency — ETH
Duration — 4 months
Hardcap — $25 000 000

IDM Contact Information:

Equivalence AG, Industriestrasse 7, Zug 6300, Switzerland

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Telegramm —
Twitter —
Facebook —
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