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INS is developing a platform to enable direct interaction between brands and consumers. Reaching the next generation audience via data-driven mass personalisation. The team consists of a large global collective of professionals with solid industry experience.

INS is implementing a decentralized ecosystem enabling consumers to save up to 30% on everyday shopping buying directly from grocery manufacturers.
INS received strong interest from both large and small consumer goods manufacturers in the world. Selected logos of manufacturers that expressed interest to sign up (on a global or regional basis) are provided below.


7 out of Top 20 largest global FMCG manufacturers and 100+ in total from all around the world expressed interest to join.

Enabling manufacturers to market their goods directly to the consumers. No
more costly and inefficient trade promotions grabbed by retailers and holesalers.
INS will enable manufacturers to create bespoke marketing programs to reward their customers directly. These programs run on smart contracts and powered by the INS token as a means of reward. It is similar to miles-based reward programs of many airlines, but more advanced, cheaper to run and personalized thanks to smart contracts behind them. This was hardly possible before the blockchain and smart contract era.


We plan to choose cities for expansion based on the population size, income level and grocery market concentration ratio. The map below presents a preliminary list of cities, which might be subject to change as we progress with the project.


Start date: ​11:00 AM (GMT) on ​DECEMBER 4, 2017
Payment methods:​ BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, USD (bank transfer)
Soft cap: ​20,000 ETH
Hard cap:​ 60,000 ETH
Token exchange rate:​ 1 ETH = 300 INS tokens
Total token supply (max): ​50,000,000
Min purchase: ​0.1 ETH

— The exact number of tokens generated depends on the amount of funds contributed
— No token creation, minting or mining after the end of the ICO period
— Tokens will be transferable once the ICO is completed
— If the soft cap is not reached, funds will be returned to the participants
— Upon reaching the hard cap, the ICO will end immediately
— INS team’s tokens are locked for 2 years with four 6-month vesting periods
— Advisors’ and early supporters’ tokens are locked for 6 months
— The Reserve Fund’s tokens distribution will start in 2019and last for up to 2 years with the primary goal to incentivize new customers to join and accelerate adoption of the INS ecosystem by broad audiences.

Advantage INS Ecosystem

More than 4 years of grocery industry track record. INS is founded by veterans of the online grocery industry, using the knowledge and experience acquired since 2013.
We have built strong relationships manufacturers and gained valuable feedback from consumers.

21st century customers are tired from a one-way street type of communication, whereby retailers push goods onto them that maximize retailer’s profit-not what consumers really want. We want consumers to have unimpeded access to independent and local manufacturers, including farmers, that do not fit retailer supply chain or procurement terms and can’t get their goods on retail shelves.

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